6 Fun Activities To Do With Your Pet On National Love Your Pet Day

6 Fun Activities To Do With Your Pet On National Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day and it’s a great opportunity to show how much we love our little furry friends. It is important to take a few moments out of our busy lives to spend some quality time with our four-legged friends and make them feel special and loved.

Here are a few ways to go all out to show your dog or cat how much they mean to you! 

1. Go on a walking tour of your city or explore a new town/city

Obviously, we know dogs love walks but why not make it a bit more interesting for you. Exploring your own town or a new town/city can be educational, insightful and an adventure. Who knows what you’ll discover!

2. Have a cute photoshoot

There’s no shame in being one of those pet owners who’s always snapping pics of their furry friends – they are ever so cute after all. Get creative and set up a cute photoshoot. Try some action shots or head out for some pictures with a breath-taking backdrop. You don’t need to be a pro with a camera, just have some fun with it. 

3. Teach them a New Trick

This is the perfect time to teach your dog or cat some new tricks. If your dog is up to speed on all basic manners and tricks, try moving on to some more advanced tricks. You can teach your dog to roll over, play dead, to stand up on his back legs. Just like with a dog you can teach your cat some fun commands like fetch, high-five or give kisses!

4. Movie Night

Call your pet over for a cuddle session and enjoy a movie together! Try a movie with dogs in it to spark your dog's interest. Often, dogs will watch the tv with you and get engaged with what’s happening on the screen, especially when they hear familiar sounds. A movie night with your dog is a perfect way to get anything stressful off your mind. We all know that cats like to imitate our behaviour. Invite your kitten to snuggle on the sofa and they will be thrilled to engage in the same activity as you! Here are some recommendations: 

  • A Dog’s Way Home
  • Milo & Otis 
  • Marley & Me
  • A Dog’s Journey
  • The Art of Racing in the Rain
  • Cats & Dogs
  • The secret life of pets

5. Have a furry spa night

Your dog needs baths and pampering just like you do – just maybe not as often. Take time to pamper your pet with a brush, soap and water and some down time. Because not all dogs enjoy baths and spa activities, you should encourage your dog with treats and positive reinforcement. Your dog will appreciate feeling clean and will love spending an afternoon with his or her person.

To give your cat a treat, make grooming fun and create a cat spa experience, with you doing the beauty treatments like brushing her coat, trimming her hair or even giving your kitty a facial. In addition to the pampering you give your pet, you can create an area where she can pamper herself alone, including a scratching post and brushing area.

6. Cuddle, and cuddle some more.

If your pet likes cuddles, invite him or her up in bed or on the couch with you. Snuggle up together and watch your favourite movie or just chill. 

It may feel like your pet was just a puppy or kitten yesterday. Before long, they'll be seniors — time really does fly! This makes every moment with your pet precious so make the most of it.