Back To School: Should your dog go to “PUPPY SCHOOL” too?

Back To School: Should your dog go to “PUPPY SCHOOL” too?

It is strongly recommended that you enroll your dog in a dog training curse. There are several reasons, among others are training, building a strong bond with you, the owner, and socialization. The main goal of dog training, therefore, isn't to tame your dog, but much more. Let's look at the benefits of dog school in more detail:

1. Training:

Some of your dog's behavior is simply unwanted. For example, nobody wants their dog to chew on their shoes or pee on their new carpet. Training them to recognize what sort of behavior is desired and which is not is the first step of dog training. There are a couple of methods for teaching them what is »bad« and what isn't, but the easiest and most enjoyable method for your dog is positive reinforcement. Don't punish your dog if the job can be done with just a little treat or a toy when they do a good job of following your orders or maybe performing a little trick.

2. Socializing: 

If your puppy isn't used to interacting with other dogs and strange people, dog training is a great way to start. He or she will learn how to behave in front of others and that other people and animals have boundaries that can't be overstepped too. Your furry friend will also learn that other dogs don't necessarily pose a threat to them, but can be great playtime partners instead.

3. Gaining confidence: 

Overcoming a dog's fears is one of the many benefits of signing up your puppy for dog training. They will be more comfortable around others as well as be more comfortable in themselves to complete a task. This is especially beneficial for smaller dogs such as chihuahuas or anxious dogs that tend to react nervously to new surroundings.

4. Building a bond: 

Training is a great opportunity to o spend more quality and engaging time with your dog. A new dog or a puppy will get used to your presence and authority through tasks that promote building a lasting bond. 

The short answer to the initial question is yes. There are many positive effects not only on training your dog but also on your relationship with your new (or old) furry family member. Don't forget: it's never too late to start learning, while it is recommended that you enroll your dog in dog training or »dog school« as soon as you get them, old dogs can learn new tricks too! Dog school is a great idea even if your dog isn't a puppy anymore!