After 4th of July Halloween is the next stressful holiday for your pet. While it can be very fun for them to engage in different Halloween activities and play with their other furry friends it could also cause them a lot of stress. They are exposed to many unfamiliar sound and sights like fireworks, flashing lights or scary costumes.

Here are some tips on how to make this Halloween fun and safe for you and your pet:

1. Make sure all the chocolate and candy are safely stored - chocolate poisoning can be very dangerous for your pet’s health.

2. Play dress-up only if you are 100% sure they love it. Costumes can be very uncomfortable or even dangerous for your pet.


3. Do not leave them unattended on the yard during Halloween. It could be very stressful for them to see or hear many unfamiliar sights or sounds. Danger of them running away because they are scared is very high during this season.


4. If you already know that Halloween is a stressful season for your pet prepare in advance. Calming soft chews help your pet to cope with external stress and help them feel calm and relaxed!


5. While Halloween decoration is very fun, it can be hazardous to pets. Choose decoration wisely, stay away from sweet decoration, spider webs, place pumpkins and corn out of reach. If you use glow-in-the-dark sticks make sure they do not get into your pet’s mouth. While the liquid is non-toxic, it can still cause irritations.

6. Candles are great for setting the Halloween mood, but they can be tipped over easily with the pet in the house. They can cause fire or harm your pet, if they brush against them. Try using battery operated candles and lanterns.