How To Protect Your Pet’s Paws During Winter

How To Protect Your Pet’s Paws During Winter

Winter brings a few potential paw hazards, like dryness, chapping, and cracking. Help prevent cold weather dangers from affecting your pet’s paws, with following tips!

1. Keeps paw pads moisturized. 

Before walking on the snow or ice, rub some paw spray (PointPet Paw Protect spray) on your dog’s pads. This will protect your pet’s paw from cold and salt. Make sure to reapply it after returning from walks. This is a good way to keep their paws soft and healthy during the cold months. 

2. Wash your dog’s paws after walks. 

Use PointPet Paw Cleaner after an outdoor walk to clean and condition your dog's tired paws. It helps to speed up the healing of small wounds, moisturizes pads and softens paw blisters. 

3. Short walks

In winter try to keep your dog walks short and frequent. This is especially important for senior dogs, puppies, dog breeds with shorter fur, and pets with arthritis or other health conditions.  

4. Keep your pup’s paws well-groomed. 

Trimming your dog’s nails is always important. A broken nail can sometimes bleed, a complication you don’t want in winter. And, for breeds with long fur between their toes, trimming this fur will make it harder for bits of ice, salt crystals or ice-melting chemicals to dry and cling to their skin.  

5. Dog boots or booties. 

This might not be for every pet but try purchasing winter booties to help prevent sand and salt from getting lodged in between bare toes, causing irritation. Be careful to get the right size, so boots fit tight enough to stay in place but not so tight as to interfere with circulation.