Introducing: Hempolin

Like many pet owners, your furry friend’s overall wellbeing is certainly a priority to you and so, you want to ensure that his food is not only nutritious but also palatable.

Now, while you want your pet to enjoy the best nutrition possible, you may not always be certain of the nutritional content of his food, be it kibble or wet and even when you are, the nutrients may be inadequate.

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Pet food toppers to the rescue! In recent years, these products have taken the pet food category by storm and the reasons are not far-fetched – pet food toppers are packed with nutrients not often contained in regular pet meals or only contained in small amount when included.

To supplement the nutrients and also enhance the flavors of regular pet food, pet owners like you can include the food toppers. With the right food topper, even a picky eater will look forward to mealtimes every day. 

What exactly are pet food toppers?

Commonly available in moist, freeze-dried, dry, and broth formulations, pet food toppers are a relatively recent addition in the pet food industry. These products help both cats and dogs maintain more balanced and healthy nutrition while also encouraging healthy eating habits in picky eaters. 

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Toppers are easy, creative, and tasty ways to fortify regular pet food with highly beneficial nutrients.

And because the toppers are made into different formulations, there’s always one for your furry companion whether you’re feeding it kibble, freeze-dried raw, or any other in between.

Benefits of pet food toppers

The following are some of the benefits of good quality food toppers.

Enhanced taste and nutrients

Like us, our pets can begin to dread mealtimes if they’re regularly served with “boring” or “bland” food, kibble/wet. To solve this problem, many of us may try to improvise by mixing the dry kibble with wet food, or leftovers from the kitchen.

This can help to improve the taste of the meal to some extent but it usually lacking in valuable nutrients contained in pet food toppers.  Unlike many regular pet foods, pet food toppers are rich in essential nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, making them a valuable addition to your pet’s diet.

Curb digestion and weight loss

Pet food toppers are also effective at curbing indigestion and weight loss, (the latter is common among picky eaters) besides several other benefits. 

Also, because some food toppers are water-based, they help to hydrate your pet, regulate diarrhea and constipation – especially when you need to transition your pet between two food brands.

Toppers remain one of the easiest and most effective ways to add more nutrition to your pet’s diet no matter the food type.

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If you notice a change in your dog’s eating habit or you simply feel he can use more nutrients, you should consider adding a food topper to his meals. Your pet will surely enjoy all of the extra benefits and flavors from a good food topper.

Introducing: Hempolin, the newest addition in our line of our hemp based products.

This topper offers your pet the goodness of full-spectrum hemp oil. It comes in two varieties; Omega-3 Fish Oil and Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil Food Toppers.

 PointPet Hempolin Hemp Coconut Pet Oils

The fish oil version is made with oil from wild-caught fish and contains pure, natural hemp oil. It also boasts the highest EPA and DHA potency. That is not all, the oils support coat, skin, and digestive health and work as a natural anti-inflammatory reduce skin allergies and irritation besides being a smooth, delicious treat.

Just like the fish oil variety, the cold-pressed coconut oil topper also contains pure natural hemp oil and fortifies the heart, eye, and brain health. The topper works as a natural anti-inflammatory support and helps to reduce pet skin allergies and irritation while also being a tasty food treat. And lastly, both varieties are non-GMO so you can rest assured that your pet’s food topper is truly natural.

Hempolin will be available to purchase on our website and Amazon store on 8/26.