Raw Food Diet For Pets

Raw Food Diet For Pets

Raw Food Diet for Pets: Why Would You consider it?

There has been a lot of fuss about raw food diets for pets. The debate is overbearing; while some folks believe that a raw food diet will make your dog more carnivorous and dangerous, some experts agree that it represents the perfect meal your pet needs to stay healthy.

Frankly,  we have no intention to aggravate the debate.  However, in this article, we’ll be shedding more light on raw food diets for dogs, cats, and other pets. In case you’re a new pet owner with little knowledge on the subject, you’ll also find this article to be enlightening as we reveal the numerous benefits your pet can gain from such a diet.

What Is A Raw Food Diet for Pets

Just as the term insinuates,  a raw food diet for pets refers to uncooked food diet specially designed for domestic animals. It consists of raw meat, bones, raw eggs, vegetables, fruit. It is not more complex than it sounds. However, each time the term is mentioned, the first pet that comes to mind is a dog.

It’s not surprising because the entire idea started with raw dog food developed by an Australian veterinarian, Ian Billinghurst, in 1993. He prepared a feeding formula for dogs, which he called, BARF, an acronym for “Bones And Raw Food,” or “Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.”

Billinghurst proposed that dogs are originally not domestic animals and would thrive better if they are fed with the diet that their wild companions enjoy. Decades down the line, his formula has gained wide acceptance as more and more pet owners are trusting it for their pets’ nutrition.

What Makes Raw Pets Food Diet

A raw dog food diet typically consists of uncooked meat like muscles and organs such as livers and kidneys. But there is more to it than meats.

Apart from meats, raw dog food also consists of

  • Whole or ground bones
  • Raw eggs
  • Fruits like apples, strawberries, pineapples, and others
  • Vegetables such as spinach, celery, and broccoli
  • Dairy foods like cheese, milk, and yogurt
  • Supplement suitable for supporting raw food diet

Benefits of Raw Food Diet for Pets

Perhaps you’re trying to know when pet owners are unapologetically patronizing raw food diet, these benefits are a few out of many reasons why people choose this diet for their dogs, cats and other pets. These benefits are focused on the benefits of a Raw food diet for dogs.

#1. Strengthened Immune System

As opposed to the popular myth, raw food diet boosts the immune system of dogs.  It also improves the overall health of dogs struggling with chronic health issues like gingivitis, degenerative diseases,  Irritable  Bowel  Syndrome, arthritic conditions, skin allergies,  ear infections, and diabetes.

#2. Cleaner Teeth And Fresh Breath

A good raw dog diet contains an adequate proportion of dental nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, etc. They’ve been proven to be more resourceful in building solid and neater teeth in pets than processed foods.

#3. Shinier, Healthier Skin And Coat

One of the qualities of wild dogs is rich coats. This is as a result of their natural habitat and meals. Obviously, pets can’t be left in the wild, but they can leverage on raw meals to develop better-looking and healthier coats.

#4. Weight Control

For a pet that is suffering from obesity or is looking bigger than it ought to, a raw food diet is a very good way to manage their weight.

#5. Reduction of Allergy Symptoms

 Food and skin allergies are common among certain breeds of dogs, and their symptoms can be quite discomforting. Raw food diet doesn’t promise to take away the allergies, but it can significantly reduce the symptoms.

#6. Harder, Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Without doubts, one of the major causes of diarrhea in pets is their meals. Processed meals often contain bacteria and food compositions in the wrong proportion, which does not favor your pets’ bowel health. Feeding dogs raw meat will significantly boost their digestion as can be evident in their stools.

#7. More Energy And Stamina

If you want to confirm how raw meat affects the energy and stamina of pets, then take a look at the dogs that partake in dog races. Despite the popularity of processed foods, there is an extra vigor that only raw meat can give your pets.

Raw food diet and supplements

Raw food diet for pets provides a very good nutritional basis for your fur friend. However many of them, for example, growing dogs, very active dogs, seniors, dogs with different diseases, have needs that are very specific only to them and need some additional nutritional support. At POINTPET we offer a wide range of natural premium pet supplements that are suitable for a Raw food diet. Unlike the vast majority of pet treats our soft chews are not cooked, baked or extruded. Our Hempolin line contains natural, domestically sourced, cold-pressed oils that have not been treated with heat. Because of that our products maintain full ingredient viability and potency.

 Very important!

It is important to emphasize that every dog, cat or any other pet is different and this diet is not suitable for everyone.  Before starting your pet on a raw food diet it is important to consult a veterinarian and start with the transition gradually.  You as an owner know your pet the most and will see how your pet will react to the changing diet.