How To Keep Your Dog Calm During the 4th of July?

dog scared of fireworks on 4th of July

Keeping your dog calm on the Fourth of July is not always easy. Fireworks, red-white-and-blue everything, and lots of noise can be a bit much for our canine friends. Luckily, there are some things you can do to keep them feeling relaxed and happy during this high-stress holiday. We put together the best tips to help your dog feel less anxious during the 4th of July!

1. Keep them inside

Keep in mind that fireworks may be enjoyable for humans, but they can be traumatizing for pets. There’s also the risk of your dog running away, getting lost, or encountering a potentially aggressive situation with another dog. If your dog is inside, you can control the sounds they hear, making it much less likely that they’ll be overwhelmed.

2. Try Calming Chews

CBD and hemp treats can be an excellent solution if your dog is nervous during the 4th of July fireworks. You can help keep your furry friend calm and collected during fireworks with PointPet Hemp Calming Soft Chews. This advanced strength supplement is made with a wag-worthy natural turkey flavor and a combination of ingredients like Hemp, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Ginger, Passionflower, and more. Together, these ingredients work to help your paw-tner maintain calm behavior.

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3. Exercise your dog

Exercising your dog before the Fourth of July will help him be less anxious. Tired dogs are calmer and easier to keep quiet. Just make sure you follow basic summer safety guidelines when it comes to exercising in the heat.

4. Don't feed your dog before the fireworks start

Feeding your dog right before the fireworks start can help calm them down, but can also cause indigestion and discomfort. Wait until the end of the day to feed your dog, and avoid things like milk or other dairy products which can cause an upset stomach.

5. Play white noise

White noise, like the sound of a fan or a running dishwasher, can be very helpful in blocking or drowning out the sound of fireworks. You can also keep the radio or TV on if you plan on being out during the fireworks. 

6. Provide a cozy safe spot for your dog to hide in

Many dogs instinctively want to hide during loud noises, whether due to fear or instinct. Providing a safe place for your dog to hide, like a crate or small room, can help them feel more comfortable. You can also try to make a noise-blocking tent out of sheets to help your dog feel more secure. However, make sure to provide plenty of space and a few chew toys in case they need to relieve any pent-up energy while waiting for the noise to stop. If your dog is more anxious with a crate, you may want to try confining them to a room with a gate.

7. Use scent-based comfort items

Many dogs respond well to scents, like lavender, which help to soothe them. You can place blankets, stuffed animals, or other items with a calming scent in areas where your dog hangs out or sleeps to help them feel more relaxed.

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The Fourth of July is meant to be a day of celebrating our country and freedom. Keeping your dog calm during the festivities is a great way to show how much you care about them and their feelings. By following these tips, you can help keep your dog feeling safe and secure while still making sure they're included in the fun!