About PointPet

Hi, we are POINTPET – a small family owned and operated business, specialised in providing the best natural pet supplements. Our products combine the best from science and nature by being made exclusively with the highest quality, natural ingredients. Made cruelty-free in USA-based, FDA approved facilities, following strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 

It all started in 2015 with our original Hip + Joint Glucosamine Booster formula for Dogs, our first nutritional supplements for dogs, which quickly became our best selling product.

Soon we were able to grow because of our custumer's  trust and loyalty. This enabled us to improve and expand our line of products. We were shown an especially huge support when we launched our Hemp line of supplements, which have become the main part of our offer. 

Our experiences, trust and loyalty of pet owners and their feedback made it possible for us to grow as people and company. PointPet has been registred as a brand in 2018.

We are constanty working on improvemnet, introducing new lines of products, expanding to pet grooming category and spreading to pet supplis shops around the USA.



To provide pet owners with the best natural products and caring services to enhance and improve life's of their pets.  



We believe that our pets give us nothing but unconditional love, make our days brighter and change our lives in the best possible way. There is a lot we can learn from them, for example how to take care of each other. By taking care of them we learn how important it is to take care of those around us who need us. Because our pets give us so much we want to provide them with only the best possible products, that they deserve!

We strive to be the first brand YOU think of when care is on your mind,

because our POINT is to CARE!



Customer Commitment: VIP customer support is our first step on the way to a long-term relationship with our customers. 

Quality: We provide only the best products for pets, taken care of by our customers. We commit to excellent quality control and constant product improvement. 

Integrity and Honesty: We live our values and highest standards with every action we make. We give our best, and always look for ways to improve.

Teamwork: We work together and use our strengths to meet our customer’s needs and to help the company shine.

Respect For People: We value our team members and others we cooperate with as we fulfil our mission. We want everyone to succeed. We make the best products for pets, but we care for their owners through everything we do.

Respect For Health and the Environment: We consider our impact on the world we live in with every step we make. We are committed to natural ingredients to provide the best quality for our customers and promote good health. We use light, recyclable packaging.

Ethical Supply Chain: We source from responsible, vetted suppliers, and we demand transparency through supply chain analytics.

Always Improve: We strive for a better world, to be the best company in the field, and to have the best people on our team.