Tips to help your dog live a longer and healthier life

Tips to help your dog live a longer and healthier life
  1. Healthy diet

Dogs need a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and veggies. Recommend balance between these elements is 40% protein, 50% vegetables and 10% starch. Meat represents the majority of their diet, however it’s important to include grains, fruits, and vegetables too. They are full of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber that your dog needs. It’s also important to look for quality dog food. You should avoid generic “meat byproducts,” sugars, excess sodium, and unnecessary fillers.

healthy and balanced dog diet

  1. Exercise

Diet is important, but so is the daily exercise. Dogs should get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Regular physical activity will not only keep your dog in shape, but it will also lower stress, increase endorphins, and balance mood and emotions. Every day walks and playing outside will keep him and you healthy and happy!

  1. Stimulate your dog’s mind

If your dog is bored, he can become depressed, anxious or ill. Keep your dog happy and his mind active with training, socialization, games, and one-on-one attention. Also try giving your dog puzzle toys. They are great because they give your dog a chance to use some of their natural problem-solving abilities.

  1. Brush his teeth

Good oral health is really important. You should brush your dog’s teeth twice daily or at least three times a week. Even if he’s uncomfortable at the beginning, he will get used to it quickly and begin to enjoy it. When you are brushing your dog’s teeth, you should hold down the bottom lip and start brushing the front teeth, then move to the side and back. You're going to use a dog specific toothpaste, because human toothpastes have xylitol, which is a toxic substance to dogs. Beside brushing his teeth, you can also give him dental treats, that are good for keeping teeth clean as well.

  1. Preventive care (supplements)

One of the best ways to extend your dog’s life is to regularly take them to the vet and giving them dog supplements. Your vet has likely known your dog most of their life and can catch medical problems in routine visits before the issues progress. Dog supplements will improve your dog’s quality of life. We have a lot of options for your dog, but Longevity is our strongest, comprehensive supplement that supports all over health of your dog. It’s great for dogs of all ages. It’s especially beneficial to dogs approaching the old age. Our soft chews feature blend of 15 powerful natural ingredients, that help maintain physical and mental well-being of your dog.

longevity dog supplement

  1. Bonding

The most important thing that you can give your dog is love and attention. You will bring him so much joy just with spending a few minutes with him, rubbing his favorite spots, and telling him how much you love him. Dog lifespan is short compered to ours, so maintain healthy habits, keep your dog active in body and mind, and enjoy every minute of it.